Information bus

Between 2017 and 2019, more than 11’000 people could be directly informed about human trafficking thanks to the awareness-raising bus.

The mobile exhibition presented information on human trafficking in Switzerland and globally. Using concrete stories and videos, visitors were able to find out what human trafficking is, how to recognise victims and to whom to report in case of suspicion. 

The information bus on human trafficking was inaugurated in Bern on 18 October 2017. Between October 2017 and November 2019 it travelled throughout Switzerland. 44 stops were organised in 16 different Swiss cantons. 
The stops took place either in public places or at schools and universities. Local partners helped with the organisation. 

The project was carried out by IOM Bern and the FAS, with the support and funding of national, cantonal and civil society partners (see below). 

This short movie summarizes the achievement of the project. 


Pink Glasses

The pink glasses are a symbol for the unrealistic vision that victims of trafficking often have before they enter the transit or destination country. They leave their home country with great hopes: to earn enough money to care for their family left behind! A new perspective! A unique chance! A better life! Victims are deceived and soon realize that reality is harsh, and different. Their hopes and dreams are broken. Reality is very distant from a life seen through pink glasses. They become victims of exploitation and abuse.

At the same time the slogan „don’t be blinded!“ also targets the Swiss population. Human trafficking is a phenomenon that exists around the world. In Switzerland also, human beings become victims of exploitation and trafficking. Don’t be blinded – open your eyes!






The International Organization for Migration (IOM Bern) coordinates the bus project and can rely on the support of its implementation partner FAS (Fondation Neuchâteloise pour la coordination de l'Action Sociale) and the members of the steering committee, in which federal and cantonal authorities as well as NGOs are represented.

Local partners such as the "cantonal round tables against human trafficking" support the organisation of local bus stops.

The project is funded by the following institutions: Federal Office of Police fedpol, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA, State Secretariat for Migration SEM, Au Cœur des Grottes, Sovereign Order of Malta, the US Embassy in Switzerland and, in 2017-2018, Oak Foundation, Swisslos - Lotteriefonds des Kantons Bern, ECPAT - Kinderschutz Schweiz.