The awareness-raising bus was inaugurated on October 18th, 2017 in Bern. Between October 2017 and October 2018, the bus circulates throughout the country and inform the Swiss population about human trafficking in Switzerland. Passers-by are invited to visit the bus and to learn more about the different forms of human trafficking as well as to receive information about organizations and institutions to contact in case of suspicion.

Bus Route

Solothurn, 8. und 9. Mai 2018 Kreuzackerplatz, Solothurn
Basel, 28. Mai 2018 Barfüsserplatz, Basel
St. Gallen, 31. Mai - 1. Juni 2018 Marktgasse beim Brunnen, St.Gallen
Lausanne, 8 - 9 juin 2018 à confirmer
Yverdon, 15 - 16 juin 2018 à confirmer
Zürich, 28. - 30. Juni 2018 Ort muss noch bestätigt werden
Thun, 18. August 2018 Waisenhausplatz, Thun
Neuchâtel, 23 - 25 août 2018 Peristyle, Neuchâtel
La Chaux-de-Fonds, 30 août - 1 septembre 2018 Place de la Gare, la Chaux-de-Fonds
Morat, 13 septembre 2018 à confirmer
Fribourg, 14 - 15 septembre 2018 à confirmer
Bulle, 21 - 22 septembre 2018 à confirmer
Sion, 28 septembre - 7 octobre 2018 à confirmer
Sierre, 28 septembre - 7 octobre 2018 à confirmer
Genève, 13 - 18 octobre 2018 à confirmer
Bern, 18. bis 21. Oktober 2017 Kornhausplatz, Bern
Lausanne, 2. novembre 2017 Ch. des Abeilles 14, Lausanne
Bienne, 17 novembre 2017 Place centrale, Bienne
Bellinzona, 14 aprile 2018 Piazza del Sole, Bellinzona
Locarno, 17 aprile 2018 Largo Zorzi, Locarno
Lugano, 19 aprile 2018 Piazza Manzoni, Lugano
Chiasso, 20 aprile 2018 Piazza Indipendenza, Chiasso


Pink Glasses

The pink glasses are a symbol for the unrealistic vision that victims of trafficking often have before they enter the transit or destination country. They leave their home country with great hopes: to earn enough money to care for their family left behind! A new perspective! A unique chance! A better life! Victims are deceived and soon realize that reality is harsh, and different. Their hopes and dreams are broken. Reality is very distant from a life seen through pink glasses. They become victims of exploitation and abuse.

At the same time the slogan „don’t be blinded!“ also targets the Swiss population. Human trafficking is a phenomenon that exists around the world. In Switzerland also, human beings become victims of exploitation and trafficking. Don’t be blinded – open your eyes!